Q and A's
58 William Street, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324
The friendly happy atmosphere is a pleasure to be a part of You never feel alone!
How close to local shops and attractions is the village? Only 300 metres to Raymond Terrace Market Place
Is there transport available from the village or nearby? A regular bus service with Port Stephens Coaches is within 100 metres of Magnolia Gardens Retirement Village.
The Village Bus is used for weekly trips to Raymond Terrace shops and social outings.
How much is the Price Range? $330,000 to $415,000
What do I pay weekly? The Monthly Service Charges are $370 per month plus $30 per month for a Garage.
What are the services and benefits covered by the recurrent charge? This charge covers the cost of council and water rates, insurance and maintenance of all buildings, common areas, gardens, lawns, energy costs of public and common property areas, village management and other general costs of running the village.
How is the recurrent charge determined? These charges are determined in consultation with the residents.  Resident representatives meet with the village management on a regular basis to review expenditure and the financial management of the village.  Recurrent charges are set annually.
What other expenses am I responsible for? You pay your own electricity, gas if applicable, your own phone bill and contents insurance.
Can I bring my pet? We welcome small dogs and indoor cats.  There are a few rules about keeping control of your pet to protect the safety and comfort of other residents.
What happens if I need a little extra care? Extra care can be arranged by the Village Management Team with local organizations to suit your personal requirements.
Can I have family and friends visit and stay? Absolutely!  Just as you would where you are now.
We have morning tea, craft and exercise activites, and the village bus takes you shopping, social outings and the local movie cinema. You can participate as little or as much as you like.
Village Bus We have a Village Bus for outings, sight see tours, shows and concerts
Library The village has three well stocked book shelves with some large print books for residents to read, we have books coming regularly, you can enjoy a good book without having to leave the village.
Emergency System The Emergency Call System is located in all Units in the Village and the cost is part of your monthly fees.
Should you require urgent medical assistance then by activating the Emergency Call an Ambulance will be despatched to your Unit via the dedicated call centre.
Departure Fees There is a departure fee and it is 5% for the first year and 5% per annum for the next six (6) years to a maximum of thirty five (35%) over seven (7) years of occupancy based on the resale price when your unit is refurbished and re-sold at some future time, referred to as the, "New Incoming Contribution."